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Create Custom Backgrounds for Live Streams and Videos

tools and resources Jul 17, 2019

Would you like to have a custom background in your live streams or videos to have a more professional look?

Well, check out this demonstration of creating virtual backgrounds using a green screen or chromakey set up as well as using muslin fabric.

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Use Your Phone as a Webcam Wirelessly!

tools and resources Jun 06, 2019

You may wonder why in the world you would want to use your phone as a webcam much less wirelessly?  However, the truth of the matter is if you have a recent smartphone with a nice camera then you do not need to buy a webcam. You can use your webcam for an HD look and gain some flexibility with your phone.


Flexibility with your Phone as a Webcam

By using an app, namely EpocCam, you can use your phone via wifi aka wirelessly or connected via a USB cable.  While I have used both, I prefer the wireless option so that I can position my phone anywhere that I like without the hassle of wires.


It goes without saying that the included cameras on most laptops or built-in computers like an iMac are "okay".  They're not great but they will work.  When you want to "level-up" for view, you could purchase an HD camera or use your existing smartphone.

Phone as Webcam Gear

I use a Reticam Tabletop tripod and the Reticam adapter to attach the phone to the...

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Choosing a Microphone for Kajabi Courses, Webinars and Live Streams

tools and resources Feb 12, 2019

Choosing a microphone is one of the most important pieces in your toolkit when it comes to creating your courses, webinars, and live streams.  Why?  People may forgive bad lighting, tech issues that occur during a live stream but the same is not true for bad audio. Viewers will stop watching a video if the audio is poor.

Types of Microphones for Online Business

There are all types of microphones that range from $20 or so to several thousand dollars.  However, that is not our goal.  We want a microphone that works in various scenarios and one that won't break the bank. Let's check out the different types.

Computer Microphones

By far, these are the lowest forms of microphones.  They sound good-enough to hear our music or maybe watch a movie but when it comes to sound quality for a course, webinar or live stream, you definitely want something more.  

Lavalier Mics

Lavalier or Lav mics come in a variety of flavors. Some connect direct to the...

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Create Your Kajabi Courses for FREE with Loom

tools and resources video Jan 31, 2019

One of the common questions that I receive is "How to record or create a course that is not too difficult?"  Well today, you are in luck because I have a tool that is FREE and awesome to use.

A full demo of using loom is below:

Use Loom for to Record Kajabi Courses

If you have not used or heard of Loom, then you just missed my joke.  The company, Loom, at, created a browser-based app that allows you to create records for FREE

Who doesn't like FREE?

You can record your desktop and/or your camera.  In fact, Loom has recently built a desktop version that is in beta right now and not open to the public but you can join the waitlist. It looks promising.

Getting Started with Loom

You will need Google Chrome's Web browser to install it as "an extension".  Don't worry about the geek speak as the process is quick and painless.


Go to to create your account. Sign-in using Google, Slack or your email account.

Next, ...

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Top 4 Reasons to Get GMAIL, Docs, Drive and Calendar For Your Kajabi Business

As soon as you buy a domain name, one of your first steps is to setup email but what business solution should you choose? Some domain registrars and web hosting companies offer basic email but that is great if that is all you want versus E-mail and a suite of business tools.

The top 3 E-mail business solutions are Microsoft, Google and Zoho.  You may not be familiar with Zoho but like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, Zoho offers a cloud-based solution for e-mail and collaborative business tools.  The business solutions offer Web-based E-mail, a document or word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, a virtual drive to save and share information as well as additional tools.

Kajabi makes it easy to market and build your business, so why not choose another E-mail solution that is easy too?

The following items were considered when evaluating Business E-mail solutions and tools:

  • Ease of Use/Setup
  • Integration
  • Features
  • Cost

Can you imagine that you would...

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