Chat Your Way to A Profitable Business

One of the key parts of any business is your list or your email list.  The challenge is finding marketing strategies that get your audience to respond.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly seen or "opted in" to someone's list. Below is an example of an Opt-in Form that I use on my website. 

 Now, you may not want to leave your e-mail address for a 20% discount but what I have found is that people are willing to chat with me via Facebook messenger and get the discount.  Imagine using your same content on your blog or website but using a different method of delivery.  This is mind blowing!!

Why does the Chat Process Work?

Essentially, instead of sending emails as your primary method of communicating with your audience, you use Facebook Messenger to chat with them. Why?  Because your audience can receive an immediate response to their questions regardless of the time of day!!

How does the Chat...

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