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Sales Funnels are Like Marriage Proposals

funnels Oct 29, 2019

Did you propose on the first date?

Chances are, you did not.  If you did, I'm sure the potential mate ran far, far away.

Why?  Because your potential made has to get to know you first. They want to learn if you can be trusted.  Are you reliable?  Are you really who you present yourself to be.

Well, the same is true in business.  Some how we expect (or hope) that when visitors come to our site, they will immediately purchase our products and services but why would they?

They don't know us yet.

We can show who we are via Live streams, e-mail nurture sequences, social media posts, webinars and more.

Why Create The Funnel?

When we create a process or "funnel" that allows our potential customers to get to know us, they will begin to know us.  Live Q&A's or 1-on-1 consultations allow your audience to interact with us and get to know us.

Allow your potential customers to get to know you via live streams. 

Asking for the Sale or...

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