E-mail Automation: Is Your Solution Old School or New School?


Building an E-mail list is one of the most important aspects of your business. You may have a huge social media following but without their email address and/or name, it is a recipe for disaster. Ask yourself this:  Not *if* but WHEN Facebook or another social media platform changes the rules, can you lose communication with your audience? Have you built an E-mail list to ensure you can always reach your audience?

Since you do not own these social media platforms, you do not control how things are run. You only have the ability to use them within the ever-changing rules. Now, that does not mean they are bad and not worth using but it does mean that you need to use them wisely. This is where building your e-mail list in your E-mail Automation tool comes into play.

Old School E-mail Marketing

Traditional E-mail marketing or what I term "old school" marketing focuses on "lists".  You may have a list for customers, a list for a webinar and yet another list for free PDF...

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