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Track Your Conversions with Funnelytics to Increase Sales

conversions Jun 01, 2019

Are you tracking what works but more importantly, what does NOT work on your website?

It is easy to get lost in a sea of pipelines aka funnels but if you are not tracking them, how do you know what works?

Step 1 - Adding YouTube Videos

Until I started to look closely at my stats, I was missing an opportunity on sales pages.  On some sales and stand-alone-pages, I had images and text-only short, no video.  So, I took a 2-step approach to fine tune my messaging and see what would convert better.

Step 1 - I intentionally decided to use YouTube for videos on my blog and non-course related areas.

I am migrating and/or adding videos and intentionally using YouTube instead of Kajabi's built-in hosting.  Why? The tool I used for tracking can track YouTube videos and not Kajabi's Wistia-Hosted videos.  While you can track video stats in Kajabi, it is painful because there is no central reporting.  Unfortunately, you have to select each...

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