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Kajabi and Calendly: 1-Click Coaching Appointments

coaching Apr 25, 2019

I don't know about you but I like using the easy button when it comes to my Kajabi business.  In fact, if I can use a 1-click solution, then that's even better.


Well, that is exactly what the Kajabi Coaching Pipeline (aka Funnel) does for you.  With 1-click, you can establish the funnel INCLUDING emails that will invite your audience to a call or consultation.

The Pipeline is just one component for appointment scheduling.  Using a service, such as Calendly, is AWESOME for allowing people to schedule when to meet with you.

Don't be fooled, Calendly is not just for online appointments but also for meeting in person.  Since you can add-in travel times with "buffer" times, you can ensure that you won't be late for appointments.

Meet Online with Zoom

With Calendly, you can have a variety of "Calendars" with different availability schedules and much more.  The best part with an online business is Calendly natively integrates with Zoom!!! 

Kajabi Coaching Pipeline with Calendly and Zoom

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