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7 Steps to Create Online Courses with PowerPoint or Keynote

courses video editing Nov 13, 2019

So you want to create a course but you hate being on camera, right? Well, you don't have to be. 

Say Whaaaat!!

Yes, you can create an entire course, training or tutorial with presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Google Slides.  There are other solutions but these are the most common.

In fact, you can create an entire course in the following 4 steps.

Step 1:   Create Your Slides or Slidedeck as they are commonly called
Step 2:   Write your script
Step 3a: Record from within the presentation software or
Step 3b: Record the audio (voice) separately using audio software
Step 4:    Save the video file
Step 5:    Pair the slides and audio in a video editing software
Step 6:    Edit and save (export) your video to your computer
Step 7:    Upload (or put) your video on your hosting platform.  My preference is Kajabi for training because video hosting is included in all packages but sites...

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Sales Funnels are Like Marriage Proposals

funnels Oct 29, 2019

Did you propose on the first date?

Chances are, you did not.  If you did, I'm sure the potential mate ran far, far away.

Why?  Because your potential made has to get to know you first. They want to learn if you can be trusted.  Are you reliable?  Are you really who you present yourself to be.

Well, the same is true in business.  Some how we expect (or hope) that when visitors come to our site, they will immediately purchase our products and services but why would they?

They don't know us yet.

We can show who we are via Live streams, e-mail nurture sequences, social media posts, webinars and more.

Why Create The Funnel?

When we create a process or "funnel" that allows our potential customers to get to know us, they will begin to know us.  Live Q&A's or 1-on-1 consultations allow your audience to interact with us and get to know us.

Allow your potential customers to get to know you via live streams. 

Asking for the Sale or...

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Create Custom Backgrounds for Live Streams and Videos

tools and resources Jul 17, 2019

Would you like to have a custom background in your live streams or videos to have a more professional look?

Well, check out this demonstration of creating virtual backgrounds using a green screen or chromakey set up as well as using muslin fabric.

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"Get Clients on AutoPilot" Interview with Pam Obasa

interview Jun 22, 2019

Interested in getting clients on demand?  I am going to assume that you said yes.  Listen to this interview with Pam Obasa, creator of the 'Get Clients on Auto-Pilot' Challenge.

I had the opportunity to attend her 5-day challenge and her FREE challenge knocked my socks off.  I felt like I received 1-on-1 coaching in her group program because she read and responded to those that submitted work from the challenge.


If you have attended other challenges that are all automated then you are in for a treat.  Pam shows up LIVE DAILY and is typically on between 60-90 minutes answering questions and reviewing "homework" from participants.

She tells you straight if something is going to work or not but also provides recommendations to resolve your challenge.

If you're ready to make some changes in your businesses that lead to more clients, then register for the June 24th session by CLICKING HERE TO REGISTER

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Use Your Phone as a Webcam Wirelessly!

tools and resources Jun 06, 2019

You may wonder why in the world you would want to use your phone as a webcam much less wirelessly?  However, the truth of the matter is if you have a recent smartphone with a nice camera then you do not need to buy a webcam. You can use your webcam for an HD look and gain some flexibility with your phone.


Flexibility with your Phone as a Webcam

By using an app, namely EpocCam, you can use your phone via wifi aka wirelessly or connected via a USB cable.  While I have used both, I prefer the wireless option so that I can position my phone anywhere that I like without the hassle of wires.


It goes without saying that the included cameras on most laptops or built-in computers like an iMac are "okay".  They're not great but they will work.  When you want to "level-up" for view, you could purchase an HD camera or use your existing smartphone.

Phone as Webcam Gear

I use a Reticam Tabletop tripod and the Reticam adapter to attach the phone to the...

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Track Your Conversions with Funnelytics to Increase Sales

conversions Jun 01, 2019

Are you tracking what works but more importantly, what does NOT work on your website?

It is easy to get lost in a sea of pipelines aka funnels but if you are not tracking them, how do you know what works?

Step 1 - Adding YouTube Videos

Until I started to look closely at my stats, I was missing an opportunity on sales pages.  On some sales and stand-alone-pages, I had images and text-only short, no video.  So, I took a 2-step approach to fine tune my messaging and see what would convert better.

Step 1 - I intentionally decided to use YouTube for videos on my blog and non-course related areas.

I am migrating and/or adding videos and intentionally using YouTube instead of Kajabi's built-in hosting.  Why? The tool I used for tracking can track YouTube videos and not Kajabi's Wistia-Hosted videos.  While you can track video stats in Kajabi, it is painful because there is no central reporting.  Unfortunately, you have to select each...

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Kajabi and Calendly: 1-Click Coaching Appointments

coaching Apr 25, 2019

I don't know about you but I like using the easy button when it comes to my Kajabi business.  In fact, if I can use a 1-click solution, then that's even better.


Well, that is exactly what the Kajabi Coaching Pipeline (aka Funnel) does for you.  With 1-click, you can establish the funnel INCLUDING emails that will invite your audience to a call or consultation.

The Pipeline is just one component for appointment scheduling.  Using a service, such as Calendly, is AWESOME for allowing people to schedule when to meet with you.

Don't be fooled, Calendly is not just for online appointments but also for meeting in person.  Since you can add-in travel times with "buffer" times, you can ensure that you won't be late for appointments.

Meet Online with Zoom

With Calendly, you can have a variety of "Calendars" with different availability schedules and much more.  The best part with an online business is Calendly natively integrates with Zoom!!! 

Kajabi Coaching Pipeline with Calendly and Zoom

Yes, that's...

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True Cost of an Online Business using Kajabi or WordPress

One of the most common questions that I receive is how much does it cost to use Kajabi? The real question is not how much does it cost but how much do other solutions cost in dollars and time.


My $3000+ Mistake and How-to Avoid it article breaks down the key pieces on paper, but I wanted to walk you through the prices in this video.

This video breaks down the costs so you do not overlook any cost such as video hosting for your course.

Grab a copy of the spreadsheet to follow-along and fill in your own numbers below:


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Use Native Kajabi E-mail or a 3rd Party Solution?

automations e-mail Mar 15, 2019

Whether you are new to Kajabi or not,  you may wonder if you should use a 3rd party email system such as ActiveCampaign, Drip, Mailchimp or something else?  

I too wondered whether or not I should ditch my beloved ActiveCampaign or not.  For a while, I did not.  I kept ActiveCampaign because Kajabi's email system only included the cursory email campaigns and follow-ups to opt-ins and purchases.  However, everything changed once Automations was introduced.


If you are unfamiliar with Automations in Kajabi, it's an "If-this-then-that" system that makes Kajabi very powerful.  As an example, if someone opts-in to your email list, Automations will allow you do some "action" like add tags (or labels) to the subscriber or subscribe them to an email sequence as seen below.

Automations can also be used throughout courses to congratulate students when they complete a lesson or send them a certificate upon completion of a course.

Still, I was not...

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My $3000+ Mistake (and How to Avoid It)

If you are at the very beginning of your starting your online business, you may not have heard of WordPress nor Kajabi. However, I guarantee that these are two important platforms to research before building your website.

So, what are WordPress and Kajabi and why should you care?

WordPress is a content management system.  In its' infancy, it was known as a blogging platform similar to Google's Blogger but it so much more than that.  Anyone with an idea or a passion around a specific topic could "blog" or write articles about a topic.

The number of blogs is too numerous to count but there are some that will teach you how to cook, how to sew, how to fix cars, care for those with special needs and on and on.

Now, WordPress is often used for general websites that include blogging as a component or another page of the site. WordPress is FREE in the respect that the software is included with many hosting platforms as Inmotion Hosting, Hostgator, Godaddy and more. ...

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