Your SuperPower is the Key to Making Money Online with Kajabi


 When you start your Kajabi business, you may ask yourself about where to start?  More directly, what superpower do you possess that you can use to make money online?

Discovering Your Superpower

The road to discovering your superpower begins by assessing your skills. What can you do differently or better than someone else?  Maybe you have a gift for teaching advanced Keynote or Powerpoint presentations that sell. Perhaps you have the ability to teach pottery to youth?  

Once you discover your superpower, then you want to use it as the basis of your online business to make money.

So, what is my superpower?

My superpower is the ability to explain complex/technical concepts and terms into relatable concepts so anyone can understand them.

Skeptical?  Maybe it does not sound like much?  Your superpower may not sound like much but stay with me as I explain.

Some years ago, a friend was taking a class that was teaching "databases" with terms such as fields, records, etc.  I know this is technical but I promise that you will understand.  My friend was not tech savvy and she was struggling in the class.  My friend called me out of desperation stating that they just did not understand the material. 

I asked, have you used a phonebook such as the "Yellow Pages"?  "Yes", was the answer but for this example, you could use your contacts from MS Outlook or from your smartphone.

I went on to explain that the phonebook was the overall database and the Lastname was a "field" in the database just as the Firstname was another "field".  We give these "fields" a label that makes sense to us, ie Lastname, Address, City, etc.  Next, I explained that the collection of all the fields was a RECORD in the database or phonebook. In this example, the RECORD contains all the FIELDS which in turn makes a contact in our phonebook or contacts list.

Then, it happened!!  The lightbulb "went off" and she understood. She could relate addresses and contacts in a phonebook to databases

Still not convinced?  I can show you how my superpower can explain a business term: LANDING PAGES

How Your Front Door Relates To Your Landing Page 

First, take a piece of paper and walk outside your home, apartment or wherever you live.  Now, compare your front door to your neighbors. 

  • Are there any differences besides the house number or apartment number? 
  • Is the lawn cluttered with toys or debris?
  • What makes your front door stand out from the other doors?

Whether it is fair or not, people will judge your home or better yet, the worth of your home based upon what they see at first glance.  

As a result, your front door is like the Landing Page for your business. It is the first thing that people see. Is your landing or home page cluttered?  Can people understand what your site is about within a few seconds? 

In this example, visualizing your front door and/or yard is more understandable than simply explaining why your landing page is important to your business.

Now that you have two examples of my superpower, please submit a comment below with your superpower.