Use Your Phone as a Webcam Wirelessly!

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You may wonder why in the world you would want to use your phone as a webcam much less wirelessly?  However, the truth of the matter is if you have a recent smartphone with a nice camera then you do not need to buy a webcam. You can use your webcam for an HD look and gain some flexibility with your phone.


Flexibility with your Phone as a Webcam

By using an app, namely EpocCam, you can use your phone via wifi aka wirelessly or connected via a USB cable.  While I have used both, I prefer the wireless option so that I can position my phone anywhere that I like without the hassle of wires.


It goes without saying that the included cameras on most laptops or built-in computers like an iMac are "okay".  They're not great but they will work.  When you want to "level-up" for view, you could purchase an HD camera or use your existing smartphone.

Phone as Webcam Gear

I use a Reticam Tabletop tripod and the Reticam adapter to attach the phone to the tripod.  It's also pretty steady and not one of those cheap plastic options.

 How I Use my Phone as a Webcam

I have used this in a Zoom meeting and I've tested it when livestreaming using Ecamm Live for Mac.  However, if I'm going to live stream, I will connect my USB to my computer or to a power outlet so that it can continue to charge during the broadcast.

List of Resources

To make it easy, here's a list of the resources and be sure to grab the FULL version of EpocCam, not just the viewer.

🌠1. Zoom for Online Meetings and Webinars:

🌠2. Reticam Tabletop Tripod:

🌠3. Reticam Phone Adapter:

🌠4. EpocCam (free) - Apple Store

🌠5. EpocCam - Google Play Store Free - Pro -

🌠6. Ecamm Live - Mac only Live Streaming

Grab More Free Resources in the Resource Library:  CLICK HERE FOR RESOURCE LIBRARY.


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