[FREE TEMPLATE] URL Shortener for Kajabi to Create Easy-to-Share Links

URL Shortener for Kajabi

If you have ever wanted to shorten a URL on your Kajabi site, then you are in luck today as I am going to show you how and you DO NOT need Bit.ly, Rebrandly or complicated DNS rules.  

You can use KAJABI!!!

What is a URL Shortener or Redirector?

If you are unfamiliar Bit.ly and Rebrandly, they offer free to paid services to REDIRECT or SHORTEN long URLS into something short.  WordPress users may have used a popular Plugin, namely PrettyLinks, to shorten long URLS.

As an example, you can have a long URL like https://www.some-awesome-domain.com/my-extra-long-seo-friendly-url and turn it into a shorter one such as https://bitly.com/product1.

Why shorten URLS or Redirect a Page?

Beyond having less to type, the ultimate reason is to create a shareable URL that is easy to type (and remember). 

By creating something easy-to-remember and spell, the easier you make it for people to reach your sales page or blog article.

As an example, I use this ALL THE TIME for my affiliate links which are notoriously long and ugly.  I will take that long ugly URL and use my own domain to "shorten" the URL into something easy to remember and type.  

So http://www.some-long-affiliate-link.com can be changed to https://www.my-kajabidomain.com/shortname

Pssssst.....many of my affiliate links like Thrivecart, Book Like a Boss and Kajabi have links that are being redirected to /thrivecart, /blab and /kajabi!


Keep in mind that URL shorteners can also be used verbally.  Imagine sharing your link via a livestream or a podcast? Asking people to visit https://www.your-domain.com/product1 is far easier than https://www.your-domain.com/some-long-complicated-url-that-could-be-mistyped

Steps to Implement the Code

Step 1: The first Step that you want to do is to create a Landing page in Kajabi with just a "Text" section.

Step 2: When you edit the "Text" section, change the width to 12 columns and then edit the source code button.

Step 3: Copy the code below into the source code section.

<script>// <![CDATA[
// <![CDATA[
// ]]><
// ]]></script>

Step 4: Last, replace the URL in the code to your desired code.

That's it!!  You can shorten and/or redirect a page using your own domain. :-).