Record Your Course (and Computer Screen) for FREE with Loom

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One of the common questions that I receive is "How to record or create a course that is not too difficult?"  Well today, you are in luck because I have a tool that is FREE and awesome to use.

A full demo of using loom is below:

Use Loom for to Record Courses

If you have not used or heard of Loom, then you just missed my joke.  The company, Loom, at, created a browser-based app that allows you to create records for FREE

Who doesn't like FREE?

You can record your desktop and/or your camera.  In fact, Loom has recently built a desktop version that is in beta right now and not open to the public but you can join the waitlist. It looks promising.

Getting Started with Loom

You will need Google Chrome's Web browser to install it as "an extension".  Don't worry about the geek speak as the process is quick and painless.


Go to to create your account. Sign-in using Google, Slack or your email account.

Next, select the Loom icon from your browser to set up your recording options.  Choose to record your desktop and your camera, your desktop only as a voice over or your camera only also known as a "talking head" shot.  

After you finish your recording, you can apply some basic editing such as trimming the video as well as sharing it.  

The best part is you can download the video and do further editing, if desired. You can use it as part of your course by linking to it or by putting your newly download video onto a site like Kajabi, YouTube, Vimeo Pro or your own website.  

Uses of Loom

I have already stated that you can use it to record your course but there is more here than meets the eye.  Remember when I said you could record your webcam only? Well, you could record your Welcome or Sales video.

Perhaps you have staff or a virtual assistant?  You can send them instructions regarding a task that you need executed.

Click here to give Loom a try. the Desktop version for Mac and Windows is awesome too!

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