Create Multiple Kajabi Offers with 1 Product

offers Apr 14, 2020

One of the challenges with offers and products, besides understanding the difference between them, is how to set up multiple offers with 1 product.

Real World Examples

Before we address how to implement this process, it may help to review some real world examples and then work our way backwards. 

When I first started doing Kajabi consultant work, I created a product per client.  I know, I know...that was pretty inefficient but when you don't know better, that is what you do. 

I would negotiate different dollar amounts based upon the project size but I quickly saw the writing on the wall and I needed a better solution.

Offers versus Products

The first part of the equation was understanding the difference between Kajabi Orders and Products.  Here is how I like to explain it. Think of your product like a car or big screen TV.  An offer, would be the normal price as well as a holiday sale price.  As a result, stores have Valentines Day "offer" or  a Black Friday "offer" but the product never changed.

This scenario is the same for Kajabi users.  A course or membership site would be the product and the offer would be the price or "sales" at any given time. 

How to Offer Multiple Offers

However, when you want to offer services or coaching programs, you don't want to set up offers by clients.  Instead, set up a generic product like "Consulting", "Coaching" or "Services" and create multiple offers like "1-on-1 Coaching", "My Great Services for XYZ" or "My Awesome Group Coaching Program" for a price.  By doing it this way, you only need a single product to represent a multitude of related items. 

In this example, the 1-hour Consulting offer is $100 and is based upon the product "Coaching and Consulting Services".  

Additionally, by creating multiple offers, we can learn which offers are converting and which ones may get discontinued if there is very little interests.    

In my demo site, there aren't any numbers in the Net Revenue column but this is where you would see those values.  When you have offers like a 48-Hour Flash Sale or a Halloween Special, the stats will help determine if they are viable options.


Take an opportunity to create multiple offers that represent special sales for holidays or special events as well as services or coaching programs.

I have used this method for offering my Kajabi services, so I know it works.

Get started creating your offerings today!

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