Make Audience Connections with Videos On-the-Go for Your Kajabi Business

tips video

Sometimes you need to record a video on-the-go or better yet, do a live stream as you walk and talk!  Why?  Connections!!!

Say what!!! 

You may be thinking that you can barely do a live stream while sitting but I have a device for you.

Stabilizer for your Kajabi Business

A stabilizer is a device that allows you to record while moving but also applying image stabilization to it.  You can use your phone, a DSL camera,  or an action camera like a Hero action cam. 

You can create on-the-fly videos to upload to your Kajabi site. Most action cameras have stabilization built into the device but when you want to use your phone, that is where a stabilizer comes into play.

Why Use a Stabilizer?

At the end of the day, you want to connect with your audience.  You want to appear approachable and trustworthy.  When you do what you love in your natural environment, authenticity and calm tend to show up.  As a result, natural walking and talking can help with believability.

Now, there are technical reasons to use them.  For those that are shy and want to avoid the camera, you can record your subject while still talking via the camera.  A better option is to record your subject with the stabilizer and record the audio separately but the choice is yours.

As I mentioned in the Facebook Live video, recording outside for gardening tips, sports training outside or onsite home building projects are just a few.  You do not need to be outside to use a stabilizer but if you need to record while being in motion like walking, bike-riding, skiing and more. 

I remember recording a slow-motion video for my dad's golf swing so he could improve.   How many golf instructors are out there?

Live Streams On-the-Go

Live Streams are another option.  Perhaps a short tutorial on properly changing a tire?  You can stream and talk about anything!!

A huge reason to do video-on-the-go would be another way for your audience to engage with you on a more personal level.  It is easy to get caught up with studio-perfect recordings but that's not true life.  

Remember, we want a connection with our videos, not perfection!

Feel free to comment below on how you might use one of these in your business.