Use Native Kajabi E-mail or a 3rd Party Solution?

automations e-mail integrations

Whether you are new to Kajabi or not,  you may wonder if you should use a 3rd party email system such as ActiveCampaign, Drip, Mailchimp or something else?  

I too wondered whether or not I should ditch my beloved ActiveCampaign or not.  For a while, I did not.  I kept ActiveCampaign because Kajabi's email system only included the cursory email campaigns and follow-ups to opt-ins and purchases.  However, everything changed once Automations was introduced.


If you are unfamiliar with Automations in Kajabi, it's an "If-this-then-that" system that makes Kajabi very powerful.  As an example, if someone opts-in to your email list, Automations will allow you do some "action" like add tags (or labels) to the subscriber or subscribe them to an email sequence as seen below.

Automations can also be used throughout courses to congratulate students when they complete a lesson or send them a certificate upon completion of a course.

Still, I was not convinced.  I still kept testing to see if I could DO everything in Kajabi as I was doing in ActiveCampaign. In fact, Kajabi has many 3rd Party Integrations.

3rd Party Integrations

I found that Kajabi makes it pretty easy to test with other email systems and as of this writing, Kajabi integrates with other 3rd Party email systems such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, Convertkit, and ActiveCampaign.

When testing the opt-in forms, I was able to select ActiveCampaign as my the 3rd-party integration. I could configure to send the subscribers info and tag to ActiveCampaign.  From there, an "automation" in ActiveCampaign would run based upon the tag.  

However, this required manually keeping the "tags" from each system in-sync via a spreadsheet which turned out to be quite a task.  Doable but Yuck!

More Testing

Now, I would be lying if I stated that Kajabi's email can do everything that a 3rd party system can do.  It does not.  However, I can still send campaigns, send follow-up emails and more. 

However, in email sequences, I'm only able to schedule out in days, not hours or even minutes. Sequences are scheduled emails to your subscribers on a periodic basis, such as daily, weekly or some other schedule.

As an example, you may send "Daily tips", "Weekly updates" or information on a periodic basis. 

The caveat in Kajabi is the inability to schedule less than 1 day as seen in the image below.  For instance, it is not an option to send emails in terms of hours but this benefit did not convince me to use a 3rd party solution.  So, testing continued.

What about Newsletters?

3rd Party Email systems typically have the ability to create impressive looking emails using a drag-and-drop editor.  However, things are not as easy in Kajabi but the emails can be customized using HTML.  If you desire to have a typical newsletter with a graphic-intense layout, then you may want to keep your 3rd party email solution.

E-mail Templates that Rock!

Now, one of my favorite email features are the Kajabi email templates. These templates show up in Pipelines aka Funnels for webinars, product launches, and more.  These templates take the guesswork out of what to send in emails, thus making the marketing aspect easier.

All-in-all, I found that I did not need ActiveCampaign after Kajabi added Automations.  The ability to "trigger" emails based upon tags or actions coupled with templates in the pipelines was more than sufficient for my needs.

E-mail is included in Kajabi so you can always test it with another system and determine what works best for your business.  So far, Kajabi email is working quite nicely.

If you need your 3rd party email converted to Kajabi, please contact me below.