Deliver Your FREEBIE PDF without a Double Opt-In

build lead generation Apr 24, 2020

Delivering a free PDF is a very popular strategy for building your email list.  However, trying to confirm valid email addresses before delivering our PDF can be challenging.

Typically, when a site visitor opts in to your form, Kajabi will add the visitor to an E-mail sequence and then send the visitor to a Download Page to get the PDF.

The problem is "what if" the visitor types an invalid email address even if it is accidentally.  The process automatically redirects the visitor to the Download Page to grab the PDF.  Unfortunately, you may not get a valid email address.

As an alternative, I recommend that the freebie is delivered via email and use a customized Thank You page.

In this scenario, two objectives are met.  The first objective of reducing the number of bogus or invalid email address is reduced because an invalid email will result in a bounced or non-deliverable email.  As a result, Kajabi or your CRM should mark it as such and disallow any further emails.  Eventually, inactive and bounced addresses can be deleted.

The second objective is to provide a contact email address to the site visitor should a problem arise when the email is delivered.  Occasionally,      emails may go to a SPAM folder or show up in another "tab" that is not the Inbox for Gmail or other web-based systems.

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