5 Hacks for Every Kajabi Pipeline for Better SEO and Functionality


Using the Pipelines Feature in Kajabi is the fastest way to build your sales process or "funnel".  Pipelines automatically connect forms or opt-ins to E-mail sequences but more importantly, it lays out the flow for you visually.

However, each pipeline creates some generic options that you need to change to improve SEO and overall functionality. 

Hide Pages

This may seem counter intuitive but you may want to hide some of the pages in the pipeline from search engines.  

Let's say your "Thank You" page has the download to your FREEBIE PDF.  If anyone can find it by searching your site, why should they opt-in?

Exactly, they would not, so hiding SOME pages maybe necessary. 

Update the URL

The same is true for the URL of your pipeline page.  It is created with a cryptic URL that is NOT SEO friendly and not easy to remember.

Change the name to something that can be shared easily in a webinar, social media post and ensure it is SEO friendly.

Change the Title

3rd on our list is to provide an SEO Title and Description for EACH Funnel Page  or landing page.  You can have an internal page name and then something totally different for the SEO options.

By default, most of the sales pages are named "Sales" and after you create a few of them, you will not be able to distinguish one from another.  These are your internal page names.

The SEO options are blank and should definitely be completed.

SEO Image Names

Beginners often overlook naming their images with a name that is SEO rich. When you upload an image for "Kajabi Pipelines" name it kajabi-pipeline-example.jpg and not screenshot123.jpg.  

You want to increase your ranking in search engines suck as Google and Yahoo.

Add Tags via Automations

As of this writing, all of the Kajabi Pipelines will use an Automation.  Typically, the automation will subscribe a person to an email sequence when they take the required action such as opting in for a FREEBIE PDF or making a purchase.  However, this process is incomplete.

If you are unfamiliar with Automations, think of them as If-this-then-that or "If This, Do That" scenarios. As an example, if I purchase a product, subscribe me to an email sequence that includes at "Welcome" e-mail.

Via automations, we have the ability to add a TAG or a "label" to the people in our Kajabi account.  Examples of these made-up labels could be "customer", " LM: My Freebie PDF", "PUR: My Course", "INT: Kajabi Mastermind", etc. 

If you have not guessed by now, I use a naming convention in my TAGs but that is purposely optional

LM: = Lead Magnet
PUR: = Purchased
INT: = Interest

The naming convention helps with reporting and email marketing.  Having the ability to send emails to those interested in creating videos ie "INT: Video" would most likely have a better conversion rate than if I sent an email to someone who is not interested in making videos.

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