5 Facebook Business Tips for Facebook Haters


Facebook is one of those platforms that typically you either like or hate.  Whether you spend too much time on Facebook discovering that your friend's cat can open bedroom doors or posting photos from your last vacation, Facebook can be used to grow your business.

None of those posting matters because those items are related to the personal side of Facebook.  You want to use the business side of Facebook build your list.

If used properly, Facebook for Business can be used to verify if an idea is profitable all the way to providing support to your customers. Here are a few tips to help with your business:

1. Messenger (Build Interactivity with chatbots)

Facebook's Messenger app is essentially chat or texting for Facebook but it can be used for far more.  There are free "chatbots" like Manychat that allow you to communicate with your audience in real-time as if you were typing at the computer. 

This is awesome!!  Why?  You could build your list by delivering an e-course via a chatbot.  You could answer questions or have opt-ins for a freebie offer. Awesome, right?

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2. Create Interest List (Tag Users)

At the start of any business, you can create Facebook posts and determine the interest level.  For instance, suppose you created a post about cooking with an electric pressure cooker, namely an Instant Pot. Your target audience maybe moms that need to cook dinner in less than 30 minutes.

With that information, you can create a list of interested people that respond to your posts. When you have some interested people then you can start communicating with them via a Facebook Page to build momentum.

3. Build Momentum (Facebook Page)

Interested persons can like a Facebook Page and gather more information about your topic. Most Pages or Facebook Business Fan Pages are public and available to anyone on the internet.  Since it is public, be sure not to give away too much of your "secret sauce" that sets your business apart from everyone else.  Instead, save some of that for a Private or Closed Facebook Group. 

Facebook Pages are typically one-way communication from you to your audience.  You can have Facebook Live video streaming events but the ability to share documents/files becomes challenging as that is not the purpose of Pages.

4. Build Community (Facebook Groups)

This is where the secret sauce begins to happen.  Facebook Groups are about interactivity between members. Typically, they are "closed" or "secret" instead of "public" so not everyone can see the content. 

Within Facebook Groups, the communication is multi-directional.  The members can post questions and comments to each other instead of most of it falling on your shoulders.  Businesses often use Groups to support customers that have purchased their services.

Documents or Files can be shared amongst the members too which is great if you want to share a checklist or other important information to the group.

Regardless if your group is secret or closed, it is the purpose that matters.  It is here that you can decide to have a group to build community,  a group that is only for customers of your products or even a group for further research about your topic. Building community and providing support to paying customers FOR FREE are huge benefits to Facebook Groups. 

You may not like Facebook but I challenge you to find a free platform that allows you to do all these things.

5. Advertising (Facebook Ads)

You may not be ready to tackle using Facebook Ads to market your product but paying to reach more potential customers is a quick way to grow your business versus traditional organic methods.  If you want to build your business quickly, then you may need to spend some money on advertising.

You don't have to love Facebook to use it but you might discover it challenging to find a marketing solution with so many free tools that billions of people are using.  Couple that with the growing popularity of chatbots with Facebook Messenger, the possibilities are numerous.

If you would like a list of 10 List Building Tips for Chatbots delivered in Messenger, click the link below.