3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Online Business Idea for less than $60


Starting an online business may seem overwhelming but what if I told you that you could jumpstart your online business for less than $60 in 3 steps?  Would you be interested?

I know it sounds like another get rich quick scam or too good to be true but I promise you that it is not a scam and it is true. In fact, I wish someone had told me to focus on these major steps instead of getting distracted by websites and marketing tools.  While these things are important, initially, you need paying clients for your business idea.

However, when you are at the beginning phase of "Will people pay for my idea?", you may be unknown on the internet so it is unlikely that you will have a huge Facebook Fan Page or a large following on your YouTube Channel.

So, how to do prove that your idea is profitable, gather feedback and testimonials?

Here is a 3-step plan of attack that is affordable, not too difficult to implement and validates your business idea for less than $60.

Step 1: The "End Goal"

Before you spend money on unnecessary tools, take a moment to write a detailed sentence describing the "END GOAL" or objective of your business idea on a piece of paper.

In my example, I am going to use an Instant Pot, a popular electric pressure cooker, as the focal point. Let us compare the example sentences for my "END GOAL".

Example #1:  I teach you how to cook quick meals using an Instant Pot.

Example #2:  I teach busy moms how to make 30-minute meals using an Instant Pot.

See the difference?

The 2nd example is directed towards moms that want to achieve the goal of a 30-minute meal. The first sentence does not seem directed towards anyone, in particular, so no one will be interested. So make sure the idea is for someone specific or achieves a specific goal that a group of people would be interested in achieving.

Step 2:  The Invite

Ask your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues if they would be interested in joining your program as a founding member at a reduced cost?  Notice, I did not say anything about free.  My sister used to say, a fair exchange is no robbery. They knowingly become members of a program that has not been perfected for a huge discount and in exchange, they provide feedback that validates and solidifies your program.  It is a win-win!

Step 3: The Tools

Now, it’s time to get tools, and chances are you may have most of what you need. If you have a high-speed internet connection and a  smartphone that you can install apps, then you are in business.  If you have a computer with a built-in camera, then that’s even better.

With a phone, you are going to want to get a tripod, such as a RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod, for about $34 plus the RetiCAM Phone Adapter so the camera is eye level and steady.
Next, with either the phone or computer, you will need a way to conduct online meetings.  There is Google Hangouts and Skype but my recommendation will be Zoom.
Why Zoom?  It just works.  It is easy and free to get started. Additionally, it works on Mac, Windows and a variety of mobile devices including tablets so your audience does not have to spend time trying to figure out the technology.  Plus, you get free unlimited 1-on-1 calls and talk-time or 40 minutes of talk time for group calls.
If you want to upgrade to the $15/month Pro plan, then you can get unlimited group call minutes.  If you have a computer with a built-in camera, then you can splurge on the Zoom Meetings Pro plan and still stay below $60.
Just to give you an idea of what zoom looks like on a phone, watch the video clip.

In summary, whether you start with a mobile device or a computer, you can jumpstart start your business or coaching idea by working with your audience today for less than $60. You will be able to gather feedback, testimonials and social proof for less than $60.

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