3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Online Business Idea for less than $50


Starting an online business may seem overwhelming but what if I told you that you could jumpstart your online business for less than $50 in 3 steps?  Would you be interested?

I know it sounds like another get rich quick scam or too good to be true but I promise you that it is not a scam and it is true. In fact, I wish someone had told me to focus on these major steps instead of getting distracted by websites and marketing tools.  While these things are important, initially, you need paying clients for your business idea.

However, when you are at the beginning phase of "Will people pay for my idea?", you may be unknown on the internet so it is unlikely that you will have a huge Facebook Fan Page or a large following on...


What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

A friend once asked me, "What Would I do (in life), If I Knew I Could Not Fail?"  This is a powerful question.  In all fairness, when we spoke, the question was in reference to God and spirituality.  In the context of "what would I do, if I truly believed God would not allow me to fail?"

I had to think hard but more importantly, I needed to DREAM BIG! Now, I ask the same of my students.

Let's backtrack a bit.  A former co-worker reached out to me recently.  He was seeking advice about returning to the world of IT aka Information Technology after being away from it for 5 years. 

We chatted a bit about various options but then I decided to tell him a bit about what I was doing to dispel any myths about...


[VIDEO] Acuity Scheduling: Schedule A Zoom Meeting, Get Paid and More!


Scheduling appointments can quickly become a nightmare if you do not have some automated method of implementation.

Do you have home and work calendar?  Perhaps trying to juggle appointments and activities for the kids?  Sound familiar?

I have three major calendars to manage my life...work, home, and family.  My family calendar is used for all appointments that the entire family can view such as the numerous volleyball practices and tournaments for Auntie's Angel plus doctor's appointments, school events and more.  You get the idea. 

I reserve the home calendar just for my appointments.  They are generally tasks and reminders for me of what needs to be completed but do not impact the...


Top 4 Reasons to Get GMAIL, Docs, Drive and Calendar For Small Businesses

As soon as you buy a domain name, one of your first steps is to setup email but what business solution should you choose? Some domain registrars and web hosting companies offer basic email but that is great if that is all you want versus E-mail and a suite of business tools.

The top 3 E-mail business solutions are Microsoft, Google and Zoho.  You may not be familiar with Zoho but like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, Zoho offers a cloud-based solution for e-mail and collaborative business tools.  The business solutions offer Web-based E-mail, a document or word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, a virtual drive to save and share information as well as additional tools.

The following items were...


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