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BUT WAIT...Would you like to Get the EXACT System I use to Create Facebook Live Topics so my Audience Keeps Growing and I Keep Generating Sales?

Imagine making sales daily on your live stream because you have an endless supply of topics?

Get 31-Days of Ready-to-Go Topics (and Topics Generator) to start GROWING your audience  WITHOUT wasting time sitting around trying to think of content on your own with zero results.


Get My Calendar System for $27


Get My Calendar System for $27

Most Coaches, Consultants, Service-based Entrepreneurs, Course Creators, Educators and Trainers believe that to get paid BIG, it's just about creating a package and slapping on a price tag without first understanding the psychology of HOW people buy....

....which is CRUCIAL if you want to:

✅ STOP Struggling with Growing Your Audience so you can Make an Offer

✅ STOP NOT Showing Up Consistently for Your Audience because you don't Hava a Topic

✅ STOP Stressing Out Trying to Come Up with New Topics to Talk About

✅STOP Going Live without a Strategy

When our clients come to us overwhelmed and frustrated with their lack of results and small audiences, we help them focus their efforts on growing an audience that trusts them (and ultimately buys from them) by showing up consistently with a Calendar of Topics to choose from...and guess what?  It works.

Our clients grow an audience and start making offers by showing up consistently with these topics without being stressed out.

Here's How to Build An Audience using a Calendar of Topics in Your Facebook Live Streams



I understand that when I act now, I get INSTANT access to The Calendar System... PLUS

✔️ The confidence to go live and not get stuck fumbling over your words (so prospects are left with no choice but to believe you and purchase your products)

✔️ How to easily build the Trust with Facebook Live Streams (so you can make offers that will convert because people buy from those they trust)

✔️ How to conduct a Facebook Live Stream with a successful strategy (so your audience will stay engaged and want to work with you)


The 31-Day Live Stream Calendar System


✔️ Bonus 1 - The Facebook Live Topic Generator (Use this to Generate Engaging Topics Month after Month)
✔️ Bonus 2 - My List of Favorite Gear and Apps that work with Facebook Lives (Gear and Apps for Any Budget to Engage Your Audience and Create a Professional Live Stream)
Get instant access to The Live Stream Calendar System, the 31-Day Calendar of Topics, The Topic Generator and The Ultimate Facebook Live Gear and Apps for Any Budget

"This cleverly crafted calendar has empowered me to go for it - I was so stuck for ideas and quite frankly the confidence but now I have a 31 day game plan! I'm armed and ready to show up for my audience in a way that was unimaginable before!"

Roksana H.
Transformation Coach


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Get My Calendar System for $27