Are You a Woman That.....

- Works 60+ Hours per Week?

- Missed Her Child's Event Due to Work?

- Works While on a Family Vacations?

You Are Not Alone.

Let Me Show You How to Transform Your Passion and Knowledge into a Profitable Online Business so You Can Work On Your Own Schedule.

Grab 15 At-Home Digital Business Product Ideas That Rock!

What Skill Do You Have that Others Want?

Cooking for Diabetic Children? Cake Decorating? Coaching? Knitting for kids? Health Training? Home Designer for Small Spaces? Microsoft Certification? Alternative options for ADHD?

There are many avenues to pursue.  What's your skill?


Why Listen to Me?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Terry Lee aka QueenGeek. I’m an Auntie turned single Mom who is also an entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for sharing knowledge that empowers.

To that end, if you are tired of living life between work schedules, allow me to help you start your own online business that fits the life you want to live.


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