I will teach you how to START an online business of digital products or services from GROUND ZERO so you can Design the Life You Want and Live the Life You  Deserve!

No Experience Necessary

-- Terry M. Lee

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Build a business that fits how you live, not the other way around

Everyone wants to get out of the rat race but how? What if I start a business that turns out to take more time than my job?

As a "single mom" for my niece, I had to design a business that worked around the life that I wanted to build with minimal technology and upfront costs.

Invest in yourself to Design the Life that you want, To Live the Life You Deserve.

Why Listen to Me?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Terry Lee aka QueenGeek. I’m an Auntie turned single Mom who is also an entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for sharing knowledge that empowers.

To that end, if you are tired of living life between work schedules, allow me to help you start your own online business that fits the life you want to live.


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